Thursday, July 21, 2011

When KURMA is a Luxury Item

mesti ada yang gelak when I said Kurma ni luxury items kan... takper la... it's every individual's pov course..:)
Ramadhan is approaching and few days ago, my ex-schoolmate and I talked about fasting at school... no joke, that was one of the most wonderful times we (at least I do) had! At that split moment, too, reminded me of how I collected the dates (given for us everyday in a plastic packet)... for almost 5 years spent in the boarding school, I never ate the free dates.. I collected them for my siblings at home... (i don't know whether u believe it or not, but I did keep the dates for them..).. I collected the dates and kept them in my locker. When it was time to go home for Raya breaks, I unpacked them and put it them nicely in a bigger tupperware available.
Do you know why? That was how I expressed my love and tender care to my father, mother, brothers and sister.
As far as I remembered, we did not even know how kurma taste when we were parents could not afford to buy dates for us in Ramadhan, let alone to taste them... I brought my dates home for 5 years.. and I still can picturise my little brothers and little sister berebut2 nak makan kurma tu.. for us the dates were luxury items... mak dan bak tak mampu..
kak la kat sekolah dapat for could you being a sister eat something luxury yet your brothers and sister had never had the chance to taste and smell dates... for me, mmg tak sampai hati.. kalau boleh whatever luxury item I had, I want my siblings to have them too...
oh, that was a story of me back then 18-23 years ago....things may have changed now.. we eat dates whenever we like.. but if you ask me do I love my siblings?.. of course I love remains for them...the feelings of sisterhood is still the same...

but ask them, whether do they love me still? answers may vary....:)

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