Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corporate Looked, Brain CROOKED

Hahahhahahaha..... I am not talking about anybody or anyone else. I am about to tell this brain-less story of mine.. (nasib baik tak kena ketuk dengan helmet)

Yesterday, I really dressed up for work, put on a nice blue shirt, a black striped pants, and black striped vest to add-on.. tudung pun siap masuk dalam shirt... giler korporat look...! to complete this I slipped on 4-inch peep toe stiletto... kira gaya keparat tu mmg terserlah la... one remarks i received, U DON'T LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO HAS DELIVERED 4 KIDS....!

giler perasan la kan.. but not my remark though, I still take it as a compliment... :)

to cut the perasan story short, around 6pm, i packed up things to go home.. only when i reached to my car and tried to start the engine, it failed.. i had tried few times and still came to no avail.. lastly, i called up other half.. he said maybe the battery is.. i gave up. and decided to get back into the office again as other half said he will be coming to have a look.. he asked me to wait. minutes later he called and ask whether the car is still life-lss or not.. i said still kong, so he will be coming he said..

back to office, my boss gave me a mechanic number.. he wil surely help.. so i rang other half, he said, no need, just wait for him to come in less than an hour.. so i waited and tried to finish my timetable planning...

quarter to 7, my phone rang, he said he was already here.. i quickly packed up my things.. and rushed to the car park area.. seeing him with his staff (staf dia dah pena tkot, terus terduduk kat rumput) then the first thing he asked, boleh tak.. i told him "mama dah try macam2 dah tadi, bukak bonet check bateri tak hidup gak keta ni.." his quipped:"tu tengokk tuuu gear tu ka thuruf mana tu.....??" alamakkkkk.....gear kat 'D' laaaa...... cuba try letak kat 'P' katanya... terapkasa laa i akur kan... hmmm... terus hidup dengan segeranya keta ku ini.... gelak je laaaa sepanjang2 tu... other half remark: "ceh.....nyusahkan orang je datang jauh2 sebab batang gear je salah park... sebbaik tak panggil mekanik tu... ketuk karang dgn helmet baru tau..." sambil senyum2 ala2 mamat pakistani dia tu... hahahhaha....

mesti staf di tu kata dalam hati, "apa la bini bos ni, pakai je macam korporat (more to keparat la kan..) tapi gear pun tak tau..."


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