Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fitnah Jangan Disebar, Kalau Benar Tak Salah Dihebah

9th July marked a history for us Malaysian as tens of thousands rakyat2 marhaen berhimpun to call for fair election from the ruling-government...I like the fact that BERSIH was the limelight for everyone be it the organisers or the ruling government, everyone has something to say about it..

videos clearly taken and uploaded everywhere for the walk of peace.. where the walk of peace became dangerous events to fact one rakyat marhaen passed away during the event...

what I want to point here is, on top of this issue, many butt-suckers (mind my language) tried hard to edit as many vidoes as they could to save the face of the kerajaan kuku besi...sampai ada yang sanggup mengatakan rakyat marhaen yang dah meninggal tu hidup balik.. dengan kata lain, kawan tu berlakon laa pura-pura la... even an acquaintance of mine has put the edited video of allahyarham where he died in the mornig and hidup balik in the afternoon... I read comments from her friends where they meremeh2kan ttg orang yang meninggal and kept quiet. Not until this moning where I heard over the radio that police has confirmed Allahyarham Baharuddin died during the walk of peace, but due to heart failure.. in that split second, I recalled my acquiantance status entry in FB, where I believe she has (at least tried secara sedar atau tidak) spread fitnah...Nauzubillah...! I add on a comment on the entry regarding and without fail, I jokingly said, Jangan Maree... with a hope that she will stay a friend to me..

Yang benar tak salah disebarkan, tapi kalau fitnah, jangan tunjuk kat orang ye...! enjoy your weekend ahead!

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