Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Things are Best Left Unsaid

some of you may agree with my title today, where some of you may say the opposite.. as I always say, this is purely my P.O.V.. (point of view daaa....!)

for me, if I love something or better, it a friend or be it a family, it they worth a thousand words for me, i rather be quite than argue further... for the purpose of saving the most valued relationship/friendship..

it occured to me, not once, but on many occasions..things left unsaid saved more relationship than it does otherwise.. mula2 perang mulut...lepas tu perang naik kaki tangan..pastu senjata tajam pun ikut serta... well...too imaginative la i today..!

Anyway, I am happy as I am...and I am happier that I MANAGE to calm myself down these days if some fiery things whacked my mind and human relationship I have...! is always like that, dude!

live with it!

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