Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year Resolution

hey it is already the 18th day of 2013
too late to get your resolution on track
anyway i still have 347 days to go till 2014

Happy New Year uoll
what's your resolution9s)?
if you ask me,
I wanna be a better me
it's not for me only
it is primarily for my kids

last year I was down with severe gastric pain
was supposed to be admitted to the hospital
but I refused admittance
for the reason
too far
hard for my family
then I took a short cut
I wen tto MC nearby my house
the report turned to be even worse
MRI is another option suggested
for a reason
my white blood cell is lower than normal
being in denial mode for months
i leave things as it be
with one thing in my mind
the lesser i know the better
at least for the kids

hence come 2013
I resolve to have a better eating disorder
everyday exercise for at least 10 minutes
and 5 prayers a day is a must 
in case I am gone
I am back to my Creator
at peace

and so far
I shall say I am 90% achieving
and still striving 

pray for me
pray for my family

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