Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bantal Busuk?????

today is the day supposedly I am off to Redang, but due to the mis-match between dates and intakes and exams and BOEs..forget about it.. however, my tegar colleagues will be off tonite to T'ganu..! have a safe journey guys!!

anyway, what I am trying to tell is nothing to do with beaches in Redang. It is about BANTAL sebab my ofismet laa ni bawak bantal busuk pi Redang... abih laaaa bau pantai tu.. hahahhahha.... korang ada???

Well, I live with 2 ppl who cannot sleep with bantal vusuk nyaaa.....other half and Alia..ishh... nak je rasa buat bantal busuk tu jadi tanah dalam pasu bunga....hahahhahahha tunggu laa one day!

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