Thursday, January 17, 2013

z.a.l.o.r.a dot com dot mai

naperla advertnya masuk tibi
kan anak dara ai
pon sama demanding

tapi kan
senang je kalau dah ada zalora ni
bukan nak puji
tapi senang
save kos
minyak toll parking bagai
n time for sure
sebab nya
i cud get thing i wud get 
at the tip of my fingers je

so i did
one for MIL, one for HIM
and one for HIM (kena beli jiwa ok)
turned out
MIL's n mine salah saiz
HIS was OK

asked HIM to try on when it arrived
leh pulak kata kejap
(sambil tangannya laajuuuu slashing kat tab)
main Fruit Ninja!!

but after he tried on
ceh muat2 je
pandai mama ni menerka saiz ayah

senyum sengih
terus kata kat ai
"OK, darling!"


yes, we r not the 
lovey dovey type
tapi when he said ok
and darling pulak
i know he meant it!

dan dan tu si kakak
mintak for her raya pair of shoes
from zalora dot com dot mai...!!

served me right!

Pinjam Meminjam

about 12 days ago
an acquaintance of mine
asked to let me loan her some money
to cover cost of her late-mother
upah haji

memula asked for RM500
then asked me if I have more 1k will do
would you refuse
dah la late mother
nak buat haji pulak
i gave her 1k that day

promised to pay me 5 days after that
ni dah masuk 2 minggu cik kak

yes u did come to my office
but u came with more problems - financially la kan
yes, without my 1k u promised

takkan hari2 aku nak tanya kot my 1k kat ko
dah pinjam
reti2 la pulangkan

New Year Resolution

hey it is already the 18th day of 2013
too late to get your resolution on track
anyway i still have 347 days to go till 2014

Happy New Year uoll
what's your resolution9s)?
if you ask me,
I wanna be a better me
it's not for me only
it is primarily for my kids

last year I was down with severe gastric pain
was supposed to be admitted to the hospital
but I refused admittance
for the reason
too far
hard for my family
then I took a short cut
I wen tto MC nearby my house
the report turned to be even worse
MRI is another option suggested
for a reason
my white blood cell is lower than normal
being in denial mode for months
i leave things as it be
with one thing in my mind
the lesser i know the better
at least for the kids

hence come 2013
I resolve to have a better eating disorder
everyday exercise for at least 10 minutes
and 5 prayers a day is a must 
in case I am gone
I am back to my Creator
at peace

and so far
I shall say I am 90% achieving
and still striving 

pray for me
pray for my family

Sunday, November 4, 2012


u know what is the best in life
family? yes, definitely
family encouragement? YES, THIS IS NEEDED!!
if you have them
u r always on the cloud 9

I've always thought that something new can wait
I've always thought something new is fearful
truth is
something new is something to be explored
once it is explored
you may overcome your fear
and you might meet the best out of your fear:

at present
I am deeply thinking
of exploring something new
maybe not to others
it is new to me

on top of it
this time is with support and encouragement
from family
maybe not the extended family
but what I have now
is more than enough to 
give me strength to move on

A Sunday that is....

it was supposed to be a lazy Sunday
since MIL is around 
however, it turned out to be RESTless! LOL

Kakak was unwell (since Saturday tuition class)
Hence, after I prepared simple drink in the morning
sent Kakak (of course other half n 2 toddlers wif us) to clinic as early as 8 in the morning
right after that we went to pasar (sempat hoccay!)
went for breakfast (n tapau for Wan n Angah)
off sending other half to work
reached home by 1045

kemas2 dapur (kemas barang basha dari pasar of course)
start to cook lunch
lucky enough 2 toddlers udah dimandikan awal2 lagi
by this time Littlest Emir sudah bertandang ke umah Opah dgn selipar baru
yang Opah belikan hoccay
sempat masak pengat pisang jugak

by 1 baru siap masak bagai teringat laman yan gdah memanjang rumput rumpainya
Uwan tgh mendodoikan Abang Chik 
leh la buat keja kat luar
huh... gunting lak rosak
ajak Angah - since kakak dah dozed off makan ubat yg drowsy
pi Mr. DIY carik gunting rumput
balik umah dekat pkl 2
gunting suku laman alih pokok cili (inchik other half dah membebel2 sebulan lebih dah)
pi bersihkan lagi kat belah ujung laman
ceh hujan pulakkk
naik mandi solat ajak MIL makan
tgh makan si Littlest Emir pulak balik
sibuk lagi mama di dapur
buat choc cupcake sebab kakak nak bawak gi jamuan esok
by 630 baru settle
tup2 henpon bunyik
haishhhh inchik other half nak suh jemput kat hotel pulakkkk
ngengada tau..!
amik dia
by 8 katumah tapi sibuk membetulkan cermin tingkap yang stuck
after half hour surrendered
buh plastik sampah besar je janji air tak masuk hihihih

dok tgk tv jap...(ada hati nka bukak mesin jahit lagi ni... kain si nina tak berjahit lagi...) 
tapi my sunday was superb busy
so wait till tomorrow k mesin jahit

seriously restless...!
i survived!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Customer Service at its Peak

In term of the  “Customer Service Concept – Education Business Environment”, we always have to reminds ourselves ,  “Parents, Students and Candidates” are assumed as “Our value Customer”.  Hence we have to make sure that only excellent strategies can ensure the great reputation in this vital area.
For example:

1.Always put ourselves in their shoes. In others words to understand what exactly their needs and how to full fill their needs.

To build a  good Team Spirit between colleagues
And  Always practice : Happy staff = Happy Customer 

ye ke...
nak muntah daku baca
sebab kalau ko tulis 
ko deliver ke apa yang ko tulis ni

owh ni luahan perasaan sahaja
utk mike2 yang HANYA PANDAI berkata2
tapi delivery ZERO! LOL

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Gateaway

yeay I skipped the weekend
last week
for an all-paid trip with friends

meaning: gateaway from routine for few days
lelebih lagi after newly discovered ability
of my 3 yr old digicam
nasib baik tak buang
rupanya berguna yang amat
hehe lap u olympus!

tgk tv
tgk dvd
rilex n chill out
oh ada beberapa insiden ku terkejut tetengah malam

such a gateaway

tapi the moment naik keta nak balik
routine bermula
ke pasar immediately
n memasak!!

takleh nak ngelat langsung!