Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Domestic Engineer (proud to be one!)

nak baca posting yang ni kena baca my previous one ok, kalau tak cam kurang kefahaman.. hahahah..(ayat poyo)

Anyway, I totally put my highest respect to all DEs out there. Why? Simply because I have been a DE before, with pay, again, with pay. Apparently, I was in a frictional unemployment few years back where I have given an early exit for 2 months (thank you!) with full pay, while looking for more permanent and promising job. I was resting at home with my 2 kids (then) for few weeks before I really looked for a new job. Truthfully, for at least 6 weeks, I was a full-time DE. How was I feel? Frankly, the first few days, I enjoyed my new status as a non-working Mom and started to plan days ahead. I managed to gather with few old friends and shopped. Enjoying myself. But after a while, err...what is my next plan? (takkan nak shopping hari2 kot...?)

How I spend my DE days...woke up early, as early as employed wives n moms (sometimes even earlier!) to prepare husband's for work - ironing his clothes, boiling water for his cup of Milo/Coffee, send him off to work (depan pagar je la kan). Did I continue my deep sleep...? not a chance! I started to prepare breakfast fro myself and the 2 toddlers. Started to do laundry before the toddlers got up, and you definitely can't plan what time there are up! Both toddlers needed attention surely. Changing them (mind you this look simple, but time taking too!) made them eat their breakfast - time consuming too! owh, laundry was completed, tadaaa......time to dry them up...while your eyes kept watching the little ones over their TV sessions - ensure their safety of course..!

After all that finish, the littlest one should be ready to take his usual nap. Sometimes I managed to take my bath early sometimes after they both were having their nap.

By 2 pm I took a snack before folding the dried laundry! Voila..all done! Ops...it does not stop there, mind you I still need to COOK!!! at least for 2 hours spent at the kitchen...to ensure while Mr. Husband got back from work at 6pm the meals were ready...

Again, DE tasks don't stop there. We still needed to mend the kitchen after dinner, to ensure cleanliness before off to sleep. Most of the time, even when others were in their deep sleep, DEs were still wide awake settling her chores.. their tasks are continuous, non-stop and overflowing and abundance as much as their love.

This is why I adore them. I have been there in their position once. Be it with salary or without salary (as in upah dari suami) no amount in the world would compare their every single drop of sweat for being Ikhlas keeping the house in order.

To all DEs out there.. be strong when you were remarked: "Ah, awak kat uamh bukan buat apa pun!" or even "untungla kau jadik surirumah, senang, tak macam aku balik kerja nak terkejar2 buat tu ini.." Believe this, if you are sincere of staying and keeping the house your husband could provide, the rewards from Allah are even greater....people would say whatever they would, whatever they could, but Allah knows even more..

This is the noblest position of the whole world. Hence, I salute you, Domestic Engineers! Salam Hari Ibu, too, DEs!


  1. sebak hati ini bila membacanya..tapi itulah kebenaran sebagai DE... hanya keikhlasan dan kesyukuran yg mengiringi kita yg bergelar IBU....

    selamat hari ibu buat temanku tersayang... :)