Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Customer Service at its Peak

In term of the  “Customer Service Concept – Education Business Environment”, we always have to reminds ourselves ,  “Parents, Students and Candidates” are assumed as “Our value Customer”.  Hence we have to make sure that only excellent strategies can ensure the great reputation in this vital area.
For example:

1.Always put ourselves in their shoes. In others words to understand what exactly their needs and how to full fill their needs.

To build a  good Team Spirit between colleagues
And  Always practice : Happy staff = Happy Customer 

ye ke...
nak muntah daku baca
sebab kalau ko tulis 
ko deliver ke apa yang ko tulis ni

owh ni luahan perasaan sahaja
utk mike2 yang HANYA PANDAI berkata2
tapi delivery ZERO! LOL

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