Thursday, July 7, 2011

TV Time with Alia the Kepochi

It was a day when I was left alone with Alia and Emir as other half driving his mom home with Faiz and Adha.. I was putting little Emir to sleep in his cradle when Alia switched on an old Malay film on TV. I remembered when I first watched this film was about her age though. Surprisingly, she loves this old movie too, and this one is a RE-RUN session. I am sure many of us do remember this "Sikit Punya Gila" movie starred Dharma HArun Al Rashid, HAmid Gurkha, Yusni Jaafar, Ibrahim Pendek etc.. (most of them passed away now..ALFatihah).

As she watched, she asked me, ni cerita Setinggan tu ke ma? I told her, no cerita lain.. she clicked on the info..and blurted:

"Oooo...yang ni bukan yang ada hantu tu kan mama...? Ni bukan cerita "Setinggan' kan...!"

We continued watching the movie and suddenly she asked,

Alia: Mama, yang ni bukan ke yang ada gosok gigi ikan tu...?
Mama: ha'ah.. yang ni la...
Alia: Gosok gigi ikan tu dah lepas ke mama?
Mama: tah ler... shhhh... cakap slow2 sikit.. Emir nak tidor ni...

This movie is a very funny movie as we watched we girlishly giggled...(baby Emir nak tidoo uuuu...) only minutes later this dialogue splurted in the movie,

Dharma: Aku lapar laa Mid..
Hamid: Lapor ye..hah takper, kat belakang tu ada kepala ikan, nanti aku masakkan untuk kau

at that moment, Alia and I looked at each other and started to giggle again....hihihiiiihhihi..... we giggle more when Hamid was ACTUALLY clean the fish head using soap and brush its teeth...!!

I guess all of you should watch this movie too....!! damn funny...

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