Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stiletto that I Own

:)..this morning as I drove along LDP..(mind you LDP was packed, packer than usual because an accident took place right after 1U...*sighhh....*), my mind kept thinking of DRESSING UP again...

Well, too bad, that is my favourite topic these days.. one of the reasons is,I am now ABLE to wear 4 inch stiletto yet again....(see pic)

as far as I remember, I used to wear stiletto to work before I get married..without ever have to think about backache, corns etc... right after i got married (almost 10 years ago..) I got pregnant, i left all my heels away.. I commuted to work every single day, took buses to and fro to work, definitely heels (especially the sexy-looking stiletto) is a NO-NO! forget about that...! i delivered my 2 kids then, i longed to put a try on stilettos...OMG...baru pakai seminggu 2, tapak tumit MESTI DAH TANGGAL!!! that was not even 2 inch high okayyyyy! i was thinking, what was wrogn with my feet? nothing is wrong except for my bigger than ever A*S and thighs.... betis pun besar... i realised one thing, my shoes mostly thinner on one side, that is the tip below my tumit...what a probelm i thought.. although VINCCI buat sale giler2 3 pasang less than RM50, I can forget about it as I know, VINCCI will never fit me again..

after my 4th kid, things seemed to have changed.. i bought a Carlo Rino 2 inch heels (pointy types) and it came to my surprise, it remained the same look even after my baby is now 7th month.. so last few weeks I begged other half for a stiletto I longed for years.. and di gambar itu laa hasil rayuan ku itu... it was 50% discount at VINCCI.. believe it or not, I am wearing it for a month stays....oh, I so like!!! I even remember how to walk with stiletto on....p/s: I shed manyh kilos after my 4th delivery...that could be the reason!

Oh, Emir, mama love u so... :)

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