Friday, June 24, 2011

To Get Involve or Not To....

I used to be a very involved person, personally I know I am... everything or anything I will get involve, even for nothing y'all..kenduri kendara, I will be there till my cloth basah kering on my body..koyak pun ada, really!

I was so pissed off with my fiance when we were first engaged. Simply because HE IS A TOTAL OPPOSITE of myself. grrrrrrr....!! I even remember when I managed to forced him to drive me back to Johore to attend my best friend's wedding, we even fought for this (of course he did not want to ok...!) turned out he drove me, his mom n nenek, but HE SLEPT in the car whole night!

I am now married to him for almost 10 years. What I learnt, you don't have to get involve with everything..reason? bila kita susah ada ke orang nak tolong kita...? true enough frens.... no one knows u when u r in deep trouble..

at present, i tried to help some ppl.. but sincerely I don't know my help is an assistance or turned out to be a disaster.. I just pray it will go well...!

Good luck..(to me actually!)

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