Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dressing Up for Work (or anything!)

Ini pun nak jadi issue ke? hahahhahahaha...

Well.... have u ever wonder why many woman (mostly if not all ok..) especially those who are working took at least 5 minutes to think about what to wear to work. It always came to our mind OMG, I don't have anything to wear today...?? The fact that 3/4 of the 8ft tall wardrobe filled with our clothing we still find ourselves 'nothing to wear for work today' remarks! P/S: encik Suami, jangan marah ye...!

Back to how I feel now, gosh, how I wish I work in a place where we need to wear unirofm to work... would be so boringgg.. kerja Polis ka? Kerja askar ka? haishhhh...not my type of working environment surely.. be thankful of what u have babe...!

Anyway, women (career woman mostly) will always have this kind of feeling, my wardrobe is not complete..I need that kind of bag, now that I got it, owh, I need a pair of shoes to match with the bag.. oh, I just going to window shop with the family, where is my Croc? oh I don't have any Croc..should I just cling on the BATA sandal..OMG the sandal is torn, how to wear it..?? slipper?? what?? to wear it with my pants and does not match, oh puh-leassee....!

We are not demanding (at least I am not that demanding)... I will bear with anything but what I must have:

1. Sandal - to wear casually to beli barang at Tesco
2. Slipper - to wear when u kemas laman
3. Court Shoes - at least Black and Dark Brown to wear for office preferably with pants and shirt
4. Stiletto - dress shoes leh tukar2 dgn courst shoes or kaki sakit pakai court shoes
5. High heel sandal - senang nak sarung dalam ofis, or with jeans
6. Crocs - for casual wear to office or tim ekena keja weekends casually

all that match with the least ok...!

So bila I kata 'nothing to wear for work' means hi babe let's do some shopping spree for me..?

hahaha...dapat ke....!?

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