Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anger Management Part Deux

how do you handle your anger? success-fully?tired-fully?ignored-fully?blast-fully?

I believe every single soul in this mortal world has their own way of handling anger.. I grew up in a low-income group of family of 8, where we struggled (especially my parents) to survive each passing days.. I do remember many occasions what we had for dinner were merely plain rice with salted margerine..have u ever tried that? WE FOUGHT AMONGST US FOR A BIGGER PORTION, TOO..

I would like to quote a saying from my ever-fav comic: Calvin & Hobbes

"Very funny everytime he(refers to his father) says I build character, he saves a couple of hudred dollars!" ~ Calvin where he asked his father to buy a blower when he was asked to remove 2 feet snow in the pathway..

Anyways, my point here is how I grew up really helped me build my character now. Don't you think hardship will create a monster? I believe so.. but, thank God my childhood hardship has created none in my family. We value our hardship and built positive characters throughout.. Proof: out of 6, 5 of us made it... the last one couldn't get through, but she is a SHE, so marrying somebody who will make it, enough i guess..

My character is PATIENT..that is the most obvious when I married to a hot-tempered other half..with 4 kids! That is what I need at most times. Just like last night, when we had a nice time watching television, one thing lead to another, my other half shouted at my second one.. I dunno it seems he despise our second child as if he is not his! I HAVE BEEN TOO PATIENT! And I don't know how long I could grab the patience.. God helps me

Suddenly it came to a point where I blurted: "kalau nak marah anak, marah aje la, jangan la maki!"

tu dah kira hilang sabar sangat la tu... masih lagi menjaga hati suami...

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