Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mansions @ Damansara

how nice eh! bukan I beli mansion tu.. tapi kalau ada duit teringin gak la...

Well.. nowadays, I found myself flooded with so many ideas to share as I drove along LDP for work. This morning, I saw a billboard slightly before Penchala toll advertising about rows of mansion will be developed in Damansara area.. wow! mansion?

My mind immediately think and imagining the bungalows of our ministers anak toyol especially the ex-MB of Selangor.....even bugnalows are out of our hands, this is mansion!! hmm... sorry to say, I was quickly thinking about Bik Mama (PM wife) and the MONGOL model-raper (PM wife husband).. tey are living in a MANSION too..provided by the goment, using ppl money.. one question quipped: is this mansion a home to them?

for at least 10 minutes in the jam packed traffic along LDP my mind raced between home or house?mansion?flat?shophouses?setinggan?bawah jembatan?banglo?semi-d?townhouse?

I am just blessed with all that I have..with all the me n other half could offer to our family.. be it a small flat or a three storey terrace with extra land for our kids to play around, I am just thankful. Simply because our house (whatever it looks like) is always a home to us.. a place we are looking forward to go home safely to everyday, with lots of laughter (and equal amount of marah2 too!). This is our home.. at this moment, we do not need a MANSION surely!

Peace y'all!

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