Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Cheeky Toddlers!!

jadik mama macam i ni very challeging with the two littlest toddlers yang notti... i should have taken a video on this! this one nite, my two littlest still wide awake, mind you my third child usually an early sleeper - actually both 3rd n 4th are early sleepers - provided TV switched OFF, and they are sleeping separately.. too bad, Uwan is not around hence both of them sleeping with me..abg chik (the 3rd) was about to sleep, but this little Emir (the 4th) happily kacau him till he also wide awake!! OMG...mama nak tido sayang oiii..esok mama nak keja (sambil tgk jam yang dah dekat pkl 12tgh malam..!!)
i let them play for a while - as per ayah, "mama tido je, ayah tgk kan diorang..." leh caya ke ni..??
after a while, abg chik prepared himself to go to sleep.. putting on blanket around him (trying hard to), and suddenly Emir grabbed the blanket, they did the same thing few times till abg chik too tired to layan this emir.... at this point, Emir took the blanket and put around his head and menakut2 kan abg chik with the sound: "hee....hee...hee....!" then he gelak2....
korang tak marah ke tengah2 malam bergurau senda...weh mama nak tido wehhh....mama pun leh gelak tetengah malam ni wehhhh......
p/s: tak cukup dgn tu, pkl 4 pagi si emir kejutkan mama....aduyaiii nape dik oi...cis..apa bau ni rupanya berak pulakkkkk at 4am!! sabo je laaaaaa

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