Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lovely Day to Start With

It is just another day on weekday, where I had to got up early n prepared the usual thing before getting ready to work.. but today is so special. Why? Is this my birthday? Hub's birthday? Kids' borthdays? none of the above..it is a simple rainy day to start with but today I experience one thing for the first time throughout this almost 10-year marriage... what? first time? LOL... there are many first times of everything right..? what is this first time then? why is that a big thing to me..?

It is a big thing where other half is actually having brakfast with me, while helping around with the 2 cheeky toddlers before we both off to work on separate cars...!

ye la...dah sepuluh tahun kawen, dulu mula2 kawen dia pegi keja naik keta send me off to lrt station.. balik i balik sendiri.. bangun sendiri dia bangun just nak send off to stations..pastu he left for work in penang...balik KL, we both drove the same car send him off to work, balik fetch him...in th ewee morning.. kira umah just tpt tido n tukar baju... pastu again we drove separately... the best was bila sama2 naik LRT...balik sama2 in one car tapi bangun mmg really early and off early.. bekfes separately... recently, lagi pulak, he left 615 in the morning to beat jam, i left home 730 to take care of the kids dulu... langsung tak best...balik umah je baru best.. ni he decided to take lrt, he has more tim ein the morning... i shall mesmerize this one of course.. but dunno yet sampai bila, takut pagi ni je sebab first day at new workplace kan....tak tau schedule.... hopefully it lasts longer.. amin!

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