Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Do We Retire in Our Retiree Days...? (Part 1)

before I start blabbering, I must say that I am afraid of facing the world when I am no longer in the workforce, no longer making end meets monthly... I am talking about something senseful and for us to think about, I shall say, now?

Firstly, however I am proud of my siblings - all 6 of them (including me), we are still unable to feed our parents - on monthly basis comfortably. Sad but true, my parents are still meddling their warungs for an earnest living. We do help, but what is few hundreds for a living now..? My parents are among those unluckies, that do not paid pension as they were not government servants during their productive ages. Children? We do give them some money, yet, we ourselves, too, facing our own financial difficulties at times.. so, we do not give extra to them. Until when do they have to work? I pity them, I want them to live their lives comfortably. But they were not informed enough on how to manage their earned monies before. Moreover, whatever they earned were just enough for the 8 of us. They did not even have any insurance to cover for anything.

I am writing this simply because, I do not want to live the same life as what my parents are. I want to live comfortably, without having to put a burden on my children to feed me and other half. i am pretty sure, both of us would not have the same strength like my parents (due to the food we are eating, the nutrition we are consuming as compared to them then). At mid-30, my bones are already cracking..what more another 30-40 years from now! Sah-sah angkat pinggan nak masak pun tak larat rasanya..! Belum lagi lost of sight or hearing.. *sigh...*

That is why I hope 'they' will make a necessary amendment on what age an mployee should be forced to retire to 60. (Boleh ke I nak drive 70kms back n forth every day dah kerepot2 begitu nanti...!??) aduyaiii.... baru mid-30 dah nak pikior pasal hal2 30-40 tahun akan datang..

Hey, friends, ni la masa yang sesuai nak cerita pasal our future, sebab kita dah stable (at least a bit, sebab hutang dah banyak clear off...).. kita dah tak lompat keja (bukan lompat parti yek..) and settle down on most things in our lives.. so, what kind of retirement you are thinking about say, 30 years from now friends?

me? i shall continue later..... *wink!*

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