Monday, August 1, 2011

First Time Puasa

do you remember your first time puasa? everyone does I guess... if you ask me, my parents trained me to puasa even before I know how to read the clock on the wall.. I remembered clearly when my mother asked me the time all I answered was: "jarum pendek kat pukul 6, jarum panjang kat pukul 11" "jarum pendenk kat pukul 7 jarum panjang kat pukul 9" that was it..!

Last year I did train Alia to berpuasa..I woke her up for sahur, which she did...later at 930, she was asking for breakfast already..second day she managed to control her hungriness (such word got meh?) up till 1030...that was all..I did not wake her up anymore..

This year, she is already 8 and I asked whether she wanted to berpuasa or not this year..? she was unsure though when she actually said yes.. angah pun sama...! so, I woke them both..since Adha was sleeping with them, I actually whispered in their ears to wake them up...

First day sahur, semua makan...lepas sahur Angah membuta...apparently, according to MIL later in the evening, Angah dah buka after he took bath and got ready for school...he was saying:"Angah tak tahan laa mama..." Surprisingly, Alia puasa..hmmm...let me see first

When she got back, I asked her, Kakak puasa tak? She quipped: puasa laa mama..kakak tak larat nak angkat beg naik atas ni tau..kakak letak bawah dulu..

She keeps the watch in her hand and monitor the time from 7pm...she even beg to have a drink at 710pm...kena laa mama pujuk.."Kakak dah berjaya puasa 18 jam...takkan tinggal 18 minit tak boleh tahan...." in the end, she managed to wait..

Akhirnya, first day puasa for my girl! in the end she eat this and that...habis dia balun pasta goreng Opah Emir (Acu Emir yg masak) bagi... I had sepiring, MIL had sepiring shared with Adha.MIl tak hbis dia balun, Angah tak habis dia balun gak....hmmm..betul2 posa ni.... last2 dia kat...aduihh mama,dah bongkok dah kakak ni takleh jalan...berat sangat perut!

mak oi...MIL terus ajak dia solat sebelum dibantainya membuta....! hihihihihihihiihi.....kakak...kakak...>!

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