Tuesday, August 14, 2012


lately my whole family
be it the kids
even us myself n other half
love to watch new trending sitcom
oh my English!

there is one episode where 2 bffs
Azlin n Mazlee were on silent war
because Azlin has said something bad behind Mazlee
and Mazlee literally stood up behind her!

I like the part where Azlin tried to win Maz's friendship
by buying him a 'solo flower'
and when she out her little finger out and asked Maz:

the sour-faced Maz immediately grin and replied the same!

why is the topic is kawan
i have lots of friends
and many kind of friends
bffs, close, colleague etc
the list goes on as we grow
i believe everyone has the same
and sometime
even friends could turned foes

frankly I have one friend
whom I met during my engagement days til I got married 
till I am a mother of 4
we had been working in few many places together
she is one special friend
her words are always a wisdom

my prayer is for her in many occasions
she guided me then
i thanked her for that
otherwise I wouldn't know
If I were be able
to be what I am now...

thanks to you...u know who you are... :)

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