Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alia's Series of Notes Pt. 6

this happened one good morning
I brewed the usual pot of Milo
other half would always have a cup of it before off to work
there he goes, went off to work
me n the kids (minus angah yg still sleeping)
sent him off at the gate
after the kisses n waves
i went up to the kitchen
thinking it would be nice for my 1st round of breakfast
quick thinking, (takyahla nak bazir2 cawan)
terus je tuang air kat dalam cawan yg other half pakai
the moment i put the cup on my lips,
aaaa....ice ke!
Ala...kakak, ayah ni suka tau ice in the morning
(melepaskan separuh geram kat my eldest)
she digested my words for few seconds
before she blurted:
"ala mama..... takkan mama tak kenal ayah tu.....!"
(terkedu jap mama...!)

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