Sunday, January 15, 2012

Touched by a Simple Gesture of Her

Eversince school reopens, I frequently received calls from my only daughter, where most of the times she would cry for various reasons.. among others:"huwaa...mama belum sign borang kakak..." "Mama belum balutkan buku kakak....", if she would not cry, she would rather reverse psycho me with words like these:" Hmm...mama, cikgu ni tah apa2 la...nak itu la ini la dgn kakak..." the list goes on almost every single school day be it in th emorning or after school...

But today, the tone was different.

She cried out loud. She trembled. She sobbed continuously. She uttered her words. Tried hard to. I strictly told her to tell me the point.

She does not want to go to school. I could feel my blood goes to the top. Thinking back all her tantrum these days. When she actually calmed down, her words were:

"mama..boleh tak kakak tak pergi sekolah hari ni... sebab kakak nak jaga Uwan...Uwan dah tak nampak....Uwan tak sihat..HUWAAAAAAAAAAA..."(another out cry) this made me tremble.

My mind racing, is my MIL okay, is she find, is this the day we were hoping it would be later (when other half could collect some funds to send his mom for an operation for her eyes...) all these made me wordless.. Only God knows how much it would make me sad. I will be the saddest person next to my FIL.. I know other half would feel the same. He could find other wife if he wants to, but he could never find another mother. He might hide his feeling.

I pray hard things would be better.

Only after Dzuhur slightly at 3pm, I received another call from my daughter, yes, she absent from her school today. She asked me to write a letter to her class teacher as why she took a day off today.

I further asked her about my MIL. She said Uwan dah tido tapi belum makan, kakak buat roti pun Uwan tak makan...Adha mana? Adha pun dah tido.. so, I asked her to prepare food for Uwan,

Kakak masukkan nasi dalam pinggan, bawakkan ke bawah, amik sotong tu, masukkan asam pedas dalam mangkuk... hidangkan kat Uwan... she said she will...

At her age, she is matured enough. Allah lindungilah anakku beserta ibu mertuaku sementara kami keluar bekerja...

I am so touched by my little angel, Alia for her maturity and gentle gestures. Alhamdulillah, Allah kau berikan aku anak yang mudah dididik....peliharalah kami di dunia dan akhirat..

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