Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alia's Series of Notes Part 2

I strolled along workplace bazaar last 2 weeks ago and found cute little notebooks for Rm2. Immediately thinking, it would be a great surprise gift for Alia and Faiz when they come back from a week hol at my MIL's. In my mind I wak thinking to ask them to jot down their homework from school everyday. True enough, before I managed to inform them about the notebooks, Alia found it in surprised. I told her what to do with the book.

I held a potluck at my place last Malaysia Day.. I didn't know that she was actually observing me n my long-lost frens activity. She actaully wrote this:

"my Mommy buat open house kat rumah aje. Ramai kawan-kawan my Mommy datang. Mommy kiskis kawan-kawan dia. Geli saya melihatnya"

OMG!! sabo je laa anak aku ngutuk aku ni weh....

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